The Shot Spot- A B12 BAR

Where the fabulous come to DeTox & ReVIBE

True wellness is achieved through a myriad of modalities and supports. My work focuses on raising the immune system into the vibration of wellness through proper nutrient supplementation and by harmonizing the mind, body and spirit with frequency. Emotional trauma and physical injury settle in our cellular memory and can have a major influence on our overall well-being. To gently release low vibrational memory and energy through ancient Sacred Tones brings your cellular structure into a harmonized state that every physical and energetic system in your make up will benefit from.

The Genius Insight Biofeedback software analyzes a 15 second recording of your voice to identify imbalances, wounding and stuck energy in your chakras, meridians, aura and cellular memory . The initial phase takes about 30 minutes.

Once we have established which systems need to be cleared and harmonized a frequency is then generated. For the next 30 minutes you will relax in the Energy Room and listen to a personal healing frequency which is a blend of Solfeggio Tones, Nogier Frequencies, Sacred Geometry and Flower Essences. The frequency encourages the cells to release emotional debris and discord. I describe frequency work as sound acupuncture, it opens up energy lines in the body that have been blocked. Once the energy is open and flowing the cells restructure at a higher vibration leaving your body and mind feeling lighter and more energized.

Each Frequency and Energy Balancing session is 1 hour in length and the cost is $150.

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Packages expire one year from the date of purchase and are NON REFUNDABLE.