The Shot Spot- A B12 BAR

Where the fabulous come to DeTox & ReVIBE

The Shot Spot specializes in helping you find the right combinations of nutrients to help your body look and feel its best. You are the most important piece of your wellness cocktail! Tell us how you want to feel and let us translate that into your very own signature cocktail.

Depending upon your wellness goals and lifestyle, most people feel best after four shots. One shot per week for four consecutive weeks. That’s when you notice you are having sustained energy, your quality of sleep improves and you have more mental focus. The goal is to get you to that sweet spot where you can go longer and longer between injections, while maintaining a strong immune system, balanced mood and just an over-all sense of well being.

We highly recommend our Twelve or Sixteen shot packages for anyone committing to a weight loss or training program. Metabolism boosters, amino acids infusion and adrenal support are absolutely a game changer when you are shifting your health through lifestyle modification.

We encourage you to listen to your body to determine frequency of shots. The injectable nutrients are all water soluble, you can feel when they start to tapper off. When you feel like you need some extra energy, extra fat burner, amino acid endurance or stress relief just stop by. All follow up shots are walk in, no appointment necessary.

Hit me with your best shot, I want to feel healthy, skinny, strong and energized.

Packages expire one year from the date of purchase and are NON REFUNDABLE.